Licensed Massage Therapist
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Licensed Master Esthetician
About Me
I graduated from Han Yang Womans collage 1985 in South Korea. Then I studied extensively on the science of food and nutrition also in South Korea, becoming a licensed nutritionist in1985. During the 80's I worked at the Il Dong Pharmaceutical company lab micro biology from 1985 to 1988 in South Korea.

Later in life I immagrated to the USA attending the Paul Mitchell Academy of Cosmetology in 1994 becoming Licensed Esthetician in the State of Washington. I attended the Body Mechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage in 2012. I also received Licensed WA State Massage Therapist 2012.

I didn't stop there... I went on to continue my expertise to include few more certifications and education as I want to continue to help my clients on health, body and mind. So I added to my list of expertise with a graduate of Washington Laser Institute having received certification in 2014. I also achieved Licensing in the state of Washington the Master Esthetician also in 2014.

I'm passionate about helping others create the beautiful body, mind, soul, and healthy life.