Licensed Massage Therapist
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Licensed Master Esthetician
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"I’ve been going to her for a little while now since I injured my back at work. She’s very professional and seems very knowledgeable about what she does and she does a great job at focusing on your concerned areas but also finding stuff you didn’t even notice. Not to mention she’s been working with L&I for me to make sure I can get all the appointments I’m allotted. Nothing but a positive experience going to her so far. (She doesn’t usually answer my calls because she’s busy with a client but she’s always called me back promptly if I leave a message)"
~ Kevin ~
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"She is quite amazing.
Her knowledge and expertise has assisted me so much.

You'd be very blessed to be able to see her.

I'm a very headstrong person that wants it done the way I want it done.

She listens to what I want. Always open.
To my perspective of what I want done."
~ Marie R. ~
Google Testimonial
"I've been going to Vip skin care massage for almost 2 years working with Myung Park, LMP.

She is quite amazing in almost every aspect of therapy I've utilized with her. I have done cupping, deep muscle therapy as well as massage. She is one of the most highly educated therapists I've ever worked with. I'm an extreme control freak and she's always positive & receptive with my requests.She is quite diverse in her educational background going to see her feels like seeing 2 or 3 different kinds of therapists.

I can't express how phenomenal it is to work with someone who has a heart felt desire to help me. Her sincerity is felt in the work she puts forth. I have a high respect for people who try to do their job to the best of their ability and she does that every time, every appointment. It's greatly appreciated.

You would be luckily to get an appointment with this woman. I can't imagine anyone ever leaving her clientele base after experiencing her work.

Thank you so much, I feel so blessed to have found you Myung. Your work helps diminishes my daily body pain that brings me to tears occasionally. Making my long workdays bearable. I have been on what you'd call the frontline as a Cargiver to the disabled and those 80-110 hr weeks are doable because of your help. You are a true blessing in my life. God bless you and your family!

Marie-Elaina Reichle, HCA, CPhT."
~ Marie R. ~
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